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SWI Parts Sp. z o.o. is one of the best companies for the development of your sales in the field of auto parts for passenger cars. We help global companies to develop their business and also facilitate work with clients.

Save time for things that really matter.

Joint administration of markets and the ability to track reports online.

For auto parts manufacturers

An integrated approach to the development of the markets of Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Georgia and Moldova.

For wholesale auto parts companies

Search for optimal solutions for the formation of both large and small batches of goods (to expand the assortment)

For auto parts stores

Search for optimal solutions and individual products for development as well as the best prices from European and not only warehouses

For trademark owners

Development and analysis of the markets of interest, marketing, consulting and support. Our representatives in Georgia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Moldova will help you with this.

Partnerships and many years of experience.

We focus as much as possible on the development of each project..

“Today we are one of the most successful companies in development. The basis is a partnership approach and focus on each project, and we can be proud of our joint projects. Where sometimes it seems impossible – it’s a challenge!”

Yana Yarowa
Finance Director

Expert Team

Jacek Kedzior

A procurement specialist with many years of experience, your quick reference point in the Polish market

Viacheslav Siechyn

Team leader, idea generator and founder of the company.

Aleksandr Rebrij

Director of the representative office in Ukraine, many years of experience and knowledge of the auto parts market

General Questions

Our company is one of the young companies, but the experience of our specialists helps us to develop together with our customers. Each employee has at least 10 years of experience in the auto parts markets.

We provide each project with different opportunities to achieve goals, depending on the tasks and capabilities of our clients. We try to investigate and analyze the possible result at the initial stage. More than 20 clients are already working on our projects.

There are 3 main types of project. Long-term, short-term and one-time. Depends on the complexity of the goals.

Our Company

At a time of global changes, when competent solutions based on experience and knowledge are so necessary, our company can be your main partner.

Auto parts for cars are certainly not the number 1 need in the world, but number 3 is for sure. If you don’t know why you need us yet, look at a year ago and now at your analytics, if it’s unchanged but you need a leap forward, we’re here.

Our main projects



The company Auto Trend was founded in 2004, its core activity is auto parts wholesale trade. Our product range is diverse and contains 55 thousand of a stock keeping unit (or SKU), produced by the Ukrainian and global automobile industry: auto parts, components, accessories, automobile chemistry, gas equipment, materials and equipment for tire service. Our partner network consists of 3,200 members, concluded more than a hundred supply contracts.



GBS Company was founded on August 25, 1995, under the AUTODOCTOR trademark. Today we are one of the largest companies in sales of auto parts and automotive service industry in the Republic of Moldova.

We are official representatives of more than 100 world famous brands of auto parts, oils, tools, auto chemistry, auto tires and accessories. The company has 13 branches of retail and wholesale trade, centralized technically stocked warehouses, with an area of 6000 sq. m. and its own car showroom with an area of 2200 sq. m. 



AMBOLI was founded in 2004 and right in the first year of its business, the Company acquired a leading position on the Georgian market of car headlights, aluminum wheels and accessories. During its existence, the Company has been permanently expanding its network of stores and diversifying the goods and services. 

At present, the Company is engaged in import and wholesale and retail realization of a wide range of car parts and accessories through the network if its stores. 

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